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Rethinking the iPod

As the tech world continues to anticipate the iOS 8 updates for the new iPhone, the rumored "iWatch," and a larger model iPad, etc., I can't help but to think about my oldest, most prized Apple product. The iPod classic.

Such an under-rated piece of tech. I once heard a quote, "the iPod touch is for people who like Apple products. The iPod classic is for people who like music." I could not agree more.

I think I got my first iPod classic (the 160 gb model of course) back around 2007/8. I had a few iPods before that (including the iPod nano and iPod touch), but they did not have enough space on them to warrant any long time use. I needed a mp3 player that could hold a pretty substantial amount of digital content.

Though my first classic's internal speaker (or whatever it is technically called) got water damage and had to be completely replaced, the model I had back in high school and the replacement model which is a refurb from a few years later, did not have many noticeable changes at all, if any. This was a bit disappointing.

I would love to see Apple rethink the iPod classic.

How cool would Siri capability be for when you are busy doing something--and can just hold down a button and speak, allowing Siri to search for the requested artist, instead of manually scrolling through over 10,000 songs. Or however many are in your library.

Even adding something as simple as a "replay" feature would sort of change the classic's user experience. On my iPhone and iPad I can repeat a single song, so why can't I do this on my iPod classic?

Bluetooth capability would also be awesome, though I will say that I live without it just fine. I always have an aux cable around in my car or in my Beats headphone case. But why not?

I also think a speaker would be awesome--like we see on virtually every other mp3 capable Apple device: the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Sometimes you just wanna play music without headphones or an external speaker. We know it's possible so why has it not been implemented yet?

Come on Apple, when will you stop neglecting the iPod classic?