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Old school records

Over the weekend I took a trip to a record store I found courtesy of Yelp. It is called "Old School Records" and is in Forest Park, IL.

I was a bit overwhelmed when I walked in because it was a small store with a TON of material scattered anywhere, but I started looking around and was very happy to see the actual variety they had.

Usually when I go look at vinyl/used CDs, they promise "variety," and by "variety" they mean jazz, rock and roll, and country. But not this store; it actually had a hip-hop section of vinyl that was not just a pile of re-releases. I did not see anything too great in it, but it was super cool to see in person.

I ended up buying 4 used CDs: "Continuum" by John Mayer, "Lace Up" by Machine Gun Kelly, "Loyal to the Game" by 2Pac, and Queen compilation "Classic Queen." I spent no more than $20. I was hoping to find "Kid A" by Radiohead, but I will just have to keep looking for that one.

It was refreshing to see such variety in both vinyl and CDs and I will definitely be checking the store out again at some point.