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A week with the GoPro

After much debate, I recently decided to buy my own GoPro Hero 3+ Silver edition. Here are some thoughts behind this purchase.

I was originally interested in upgrading my DSLR. My current camera, Nikon D3000, does not have video capability so I thought upgrading the body would be a good investment (essentially the same base price as the GoPro) and would let me dabble in video. I have taken a video class in college, but never tried to shoot any video for fun.

After a lot of internet searches comparing the two cameras (GoPro Hero 3+ Silver vs. Nikon D3200), I thought about size. I realized the reason I do not use my DSLR on a frequent basis is because of its big size. It simply cannot fit in my purse or my pocket, therefore sadly my iPhone has been used more for its camera than my DSLR. This increased my interest in the GoPro.

Another perk of the GoPro was the included waterproof housing. How cool is it to shoot video underwater or just jump in the water with a camera? Though I maybe would not go out of my way to purchase the housing, it is cool that it came with and at least offers that waterproof option.

One downside to the GoPro is the lack of image stabilization. Footage will appear shaky...simply because it is. With such a small camera comes lots more movement. It is something to get used to while shooting. Accessories and editing may keep this to a minimum, though.

The GoPro's free GoPro app on iOS has been awesome. Because there is no touch screen on the camera itself (without the additional LCD Touch BacPac), the app really comes in handy when connected to Wifi. It is also very nice to be able to delete content directly off the micro SD card without having to connect to a computer.

Now shooting video and photo is definitely difficult at first without a viewfinder or LCD screen to view the image in real time as it is being taken. I have found it to be comparable to shooting with an analog camera, since you really do not know what the shot looks like until you either connect to Wifi and launch the app, or connect to a computer.

The wide angle almost entirely guarantees you keep your subject in frame while shooting. This is an awesome thing to keep in mind for people who use this camera for vlogging.

All in all, I have found that the more accessible a camera is, the more use it will get.

Below are some photos taken with the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver. Take a look!


If you are interested in purchasing a GoPro camera for yourself, please feel free to use the following link: