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Lace up

So this weekend was pretty awesome to say the least. Me and a friend went to see Cleveland rapper, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago on the 9th of August. We had VIP tickets and managed to get up to the second row! I filmed the majority of the concert with my GoPro too, and am again super impressed with the quality of the video and even audio! It is cool being able to relive the show.

Like any other rap concert that I have been to, there were some questionable openers performing and trying to move the crowd. The thing that bothered me most about it was the fact that these no-name rappers were totally jocking MGK the whole time. They kept yelling "lace up" (MGK's movement/coined phrase) and getting everyone excited because they were throwing up L's (aka making an L with your index finger and thumb, a reference to the #LaceUp movement of Machine Gun Kelly).

There was this group of rappers that the crowd seemed to really be into and I kept asking people around me, "who are these guys?" and no one seemed to know. The fans did not care at all. They were there to consume all the music provided, which was pretty cool to see. I did not enjoy the openers at all, but I'm happy to see a crowd there actually for the music! I cannot even tell you the last concert I went to where the crowd seemed genuinely engaged with the whole experience. The girl next to me was crying, (I may or may not have been crying too), and it was so cool to see these people that really feel connected to an artist. It's something I have felt my whole life and I love seeing it in other people.

Anyways, it was an amazing concert, MGK really put on an entertaining and moving show. He also jumped in the crowd during 'Wild Boy' and 'Feel the Madness.' Check out some videos below!

If you are into hip-hop/rap at all, I would definitely recommend checking out an MGK show if you have the chance. He will not disappoint--he is serious about his craft, and that is why his fans are so dedicated and positive. Lace up!

Also, if you are interested in copping his album, check it out on amazon below: