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Casey Neistat

If you regularly watch content on YouTube, you've probably at least heard the name Casey Neistat. He is the YouTuber with the black Ray Bans that all the amateurs strive to replicate, and constantly get called out in their own comment section when they fail to do so properly.

Casey is the epitome of hard work and paving your own lane in your field. He defined the digital art of the now pretty mainstream term, "vlog," and continues to push it further as an influencer across many digital platforms.

His vlogs cover everything from fancy drone shots of busy NYC to POV footage of him riding his Boosted Board in between New York taxis and buses. Getting tatted, raising money for actual good causes with Ben Stiller, running with Nev from Catfish, and being late for essentially every speaking engagement. It's all done in and for the vlog.

It's awesome to see someone as big as Casey shine light on smaller YouTuber's and push his audience to watch other up and coming content. It seems to be the most selfless thing you can do on YouTube. Especially when you're 8.2M subscribers deep.

He also makes some really great comprehensive airplane reviews. It's crazy how he has the power to cover any topic with ease and simplify it for anyone to understand. From disgusting terrorist attacks to nerdy tech jargon, Casey can deliver a message and information clearly. He can also film it, edit it and post it, too.

What makes Casey different from every other vlogger on YouTube is the storyline that his videos follow. They're structured with a beginning, middle and end. There's a story, or some sort of end goal to achieve within said narrative. The videos are produced with thought and attention to detail and edited with even more.

He also made some awesome content with Samsung. You may have seen the commercials on TV or YouTube.

Check out and support Casey's content here.

Caution: If you aren't already, you will be hooked. Make sure you have some time for this.