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Perfect video camera for concerts

Sony RX100 Mark III

Sony RX100 Mark III

I have been looking for a good video camera to bring to concerts to record performances and after a bit of research I finally decided on the Sony RX100 Mark III. The most updated model is the Mark IV, but for my needs the Mark III seemed perfect.

I was sick of using my phone and blocking people's view trying to shoot video. With an iPhone 7+, though the camera is great, you can't really be discreet when shooting continuous video. I wanted something dedicated just to shooting video. When traveling, I rely heavily on my phone to request Ubers and get directions to where ever I need to go, so I do not like to waste my battery and my phone storage for shooting concert video. In the past, I've used a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver, but it is terrible with low light, gets shaky footage (you can't/shouldn't bring a monopod into a concert), and honestly gets too much information in frame. I mean, it's an action camera.

The main thing I was looking for was the best quality point-and-shoot camera that recorded 1080p video. I could probably get away with sneaking a DSLR into shows (most concerts say you cannot bring in a camera that has changeable lenses). (I have before and have seen other people do the same) but it's too risky and far too bulky so I committed to the Sony RX100 Mark III.

I first used it during a Paul McCartney show in Tinley Park on July 26, 2017. My seat was really good, and I got the best video footage of my life with that camera. Check out some videos and photos below, shot with the new camera.

Articulating screen

Articulating screen

The camera is nice because it has a fully articulating screen, letting you sit and still point the camera to the action and still see what you're shooting without having the camera right in front of your face.

There is also a pop out viewfinder that comes in handy when you're outside and it's too sunny to see the information displayed on the camera's screen.

I also think this camera (the Sony RX100 Mark III) is perfect with 1080p because if you buy the 4K version of this (the Sony RX100 Mark IV) you can't shoot more than a few minutes at a time consecutively, as the camera will overheat. There would be a lot of down time with a 4K camera.

With a ton of extra batteries and large SD cards, this really is the best solution I've found for shooting video at concerts, that are worth watching later.