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Hip-hop artist, Logic

Hip-hop artist, Logic

It's so rewarding when the people you want to win, win. In 2018, it seems that Logic, aka Bobby Tarantino, is finally getting the respect and limelight his art deserves.

His latest project, "Everybody," is one of my personal favorite recently released albums for a variety of reasons.

The song's powerful mission statement

The song's powerful mission statement

First of all, Logic as a person is just refreshing. He is a hip-hop artist who understands the power he holds and chooses to use it to promote peace, love and positivity instead of glorifying cliché designer name brands and drugs or violence.

He also stands out to me as an artist in particular because he touches on topics that are pretty stigmatized, not only in the hip-hop community, but in music in general. The main topic being mental health. His now famous track "1-800-273-8255" tells the story of a hopeless individual who calls the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and expresses feelings of helplessness. The narrative then progresses as the individual hears the person on the other end of the phone saying, "I want you to be alive." The hook plays:

It's the very first breath when your heads been drowning under water. And it's the lightness in the air when you're there, chest to chest with a lover. It's holding on though the road's long, and seeing light in the darkest things. And when you stare at your reflection finally knowing who it is, I know that you'll thank God you did.

After speaking with the lifeline, the once hopeless caller turns his mindset around and moves onward. The song is extremely powerful and inspiring and it's awesome to hear a song like this get so much airplay and attention, especially on national television. You have to give props to Logic for using his platform to help others and bring awareness to those suffering, and those who are survivors.

Peep his touching live performance of this moment at the 2018 Grammys below. The song itself always gives me chills and the speech at the end made my eyes teary. I LOVE this speech and you can tell the crowd did too as they cheer him on with a standing ovation. Such a brilliant and natural speaker.

I absolutely love Logic and have since the first time I heard his music. His first "album" (not mixtape) "Under Pressure" remains one of my favorite albums to this day and I listen to it all the way through, often. More on that later.

I am extremely excited to hear whatever comes next from Logic after this song gained such critical attention (rightfully so). Conscious artists are needed more than ever currently as people, tread onward through this mess of existence.