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My first and final ACL review

My experience at Austin City Limits is one I have to say disappointed me. But I shouldn’t have been surprised. I went Friday night after my flight and got to the festival a lot later than I would have liked…I missed like 4 of Paul’s opening songs. I also kind of knew I wasn’t going to love the crowd because it’s so many people so close together spilling beer on each other in the 80+ degree dry heat. But it was still Paul. He still played and rocked for close to 3 hours. The same similar songs with a few twists throughout the setlist.

I couldn’t really see him over the crowd, but I could see him on the monitor OK. I was up near the front side for the beginning of the show, but then decided to move back so I could see more of him on the monitor since I couldn’t see him at all on the stage.

I stayed back there for the rest of his set. He certainly didn’t disappoint, but just festivals in general do I guess. I would much rather pay 3x the price for an arena show where I have a designated seat that’s elevated so everyone can at least view the stage.

I stayed for all of Paul’s set then ubered back to the hotel.

The next day, Amanda and I were excited to see Lil Wayne. He was a last minute add in to the setlist as they switched Travis Scott from Saturday to Sunday. Wayne also just dropped an incredible finale to his Carter series on his recent September birthday, so I was especially excited.

We get there and his audio is so messed up. You can’t hear him at all. We could see him like running around the stage like a tiny ant, but couldn’t hear anything. The crowd was insane, too, which is to be expected. It was at Paul, too. There were just so many people.

We couldn’t hear him so we left. We were also standing in 88 degree Austin heat.

Overall, the festival was cool but not fun. I could see it being fun if you get there super early but who wants to do that at this age.

I think I am giving up on festivals and any general admission shows moving forward. I just don’t enjoy them at all. Like I said, I’d rather pay way more for a proper seat and real concert experience. Not just a party outside.