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Seeing Sir Elton

This Saturday I will be seeing Sir Elton John with my mom at the United Center for his Farewell tour. His first Chicago show is this Friday, but I decided to sell my ticket and just go on Saturday. I don’t feel the need to see him two nights in a row and I don’t even think I’d make it in time after work that day.

I opted for the presale VIP ticket for Friday’s show. Since it’s VIP, it came with a box of goodies which was delivered a few weeks ago. I’ve done VIP for both Paul and Ringo, and you either receive the special VIP stuff at the show that night or even weeks later (for Ringo). So, I was excited to get it before the show!

It came in a box with a bag full of Elton stuff. It had an Elton stationary set including a pen and pencil, a nice large litho (that I will have to frame and hang up at some point), an Elton lanyard, and other things. I also remember a passport case and a keychain. Overall it was a great VIP set! Paul’s has been really good, too. We will see what it entails later this year when I get to Liverpool.

The above clip of Elton opening his show in Detroit looks good. I hope there are some wardrobe changes, but I don’t want to watch anymore clips on YouTube to ruin it for me. That’s kind of why I sold my Friday ticket, too. I wanted to experience it for the first time with my mom, an Elton fan. A bigger Elton fan than me.

I will be sure to post my thoughts after the show. I wonder how long he will play. I do remember, unfortunately, seeing the setlist posted on a Rolling Stones article, but I don’t remember it now so I don’t feel like anything’s ruined.

I so badly want to watch the full Cher tour on YouTube, but I refuse to let that ruin the surprise of her show for me. I think I’m most looking forward to that show, my birthday weekend in February.