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The controversy continues

On Pitchfork’s site a news article was posted about late controversial rapper XXXTentacion. Though deceased, he has been getting a lot of attention lately. First, his song Falling Down with Lil Peep had the Internet going crazy, and that in itself was controversial. Fans didn’t know if Peep would have liked X on his song because there was some drama between the two while they were both still living. Others believe that Peep would have worked things out with X if he had the chance, and X stated he wished that he knew how cool Peep was before he passed. 

Also the BET Awards controversy where Chicago rapper Vic Mensa alludes to XXXTentacion by saying “your favorite rapper is a domestic abuser.” First of all, X is dead and his mother was in the crowd where the cypher was played at the BET Awards. People are not happy with Vic’s choice to blast X after he passed and can’t defend himself. Also, who is Vic to mention X’s abuse when Vic also has a song out There’s A Lot Going On where he says that he choked his girl. He also didn’t deny that in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club.

And now, the controversy surrounds X yet again. Now it’s reference to domestic violence and assault with an obtained secretly recorded tape of X talking with acquaintances around the time of his October 8, 2016 arrest. On the secret tape, he discusses his ex-girlfriend, who he believed had cheated on him. He can be heard saying, “I put my source of happiness in another person, which was a mistake initially, right? But she fell through on every occasion until now. Until I started f****** her up, bruh. I started f****** her up because she made one mistake. And from there, the whole cycle went down. Now she’s scared. That girl is scared for her life. Which I understand.”

But what does it mean to support an artist who has done awful things? How do we know who to believe? 

Yes, X abusing any woman or any person in my opinion is wrong, but to me that doesn’t take away from the power of him as an artist. It takes away his character, for sure, but not his artistic ability. He wrote and recorded great songs that mean things to people.

Just because he got shot and killed does not make him a saint. When anyone dies they do not automatically become a saint. You still have your past and mistakes and everything, even if you have learned from them, they can still haunt you. They’re still part of you.

Of course we cannot see X on trial and see how it all ultimately plays out, so we just have to believe what we think is right. 

I am a huge Michael Jackson fan, but that doesn’t mean that I think he’s innocent of his allegations either. We all have demons and just because people are talented and famous, does not mean they are angels and immune to wrongdoing.