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The nostalgia of Bob Ross

The iconic landscape artist from PBS, Bob Ross, has become seemingly more relevant the last few months. If you don't remember him, he was a TV personality/painting instructor who wanted everyone watching to know they could be artists. 

Bob painting happy little trees

Bob painting happy little trees

He gave informative instruction and didn't shy away from the reality of making mistakes in the process, instead he concluded that more paint could just cover it up and no one would have to know. He's sort of become a pop culture icon lately. I've seen a ton of books, t-shirts, puzzles, and even little figures of Bob Ross.

What does this mean exactly? His show ended in 94.

Nostalgia is powerful. Extremely powerful. Nostalgia sells. And there will always be some form of overlap with pop culture and nostalgia as time passes.

Here's a clip of one of his first episode, first season, painting on TV. Take a look:

I remember watching part of his show, or actually based on the timeframe of the show...I probably saw re-runs of it years later, but what I remember most is how easy he made the action of painting look. Follow his basic instruction, and you can imitate his subject almost exactly.

There's something very charismatic about Bob Ross' TV personality and the universal artist concept that he pushed while in the limelight.

It always makes me stop and kind of laugh...when I see Bob Ross stuff popping up at stores like Target or his shows on Netflix...but truly, his message, undeniably, is still a great one.

Art is, and should be, for everyone.