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The controversial legend

The King of Pop

The King of Pop

Despite the controversy and accusations, Michael Jackson is a musical and pop culture legend. It’s just a fact. There are so many songs that he is known for all over the world. His style and dance is imitated constantly while his story continues to inspire people to this day. There are so many songs to go through, and you could effectively argue almost any of them to be classics. His relevance, in the music world, will never cease to exist.

Now I definitely love all the classics, "Thriller," "Billie Jean," "Bad," "Black or White," etc...but these below, are my personal favorites that I always go back to. I could listen to MJ all day long (sometimes I do). He's definitely one artist I am very sad I never got the opportunity to see live in concert. (The others are 2Pac, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, and George Harrison).


I think I first heard this song in the "Free Willy" movie. But I'm honestly not sure if that happened (or if I've even seen that movie). I guess it could be one of those fake/forced memories I somehow replayed over and over in my psyche that I'm just convinced it's real. Either way, I love this song. I love how it builds up. The drama and structure of the song fascinates me with every listen.


I love the melody and message of this song. It's very powerful. Such an honest song.

"SCREAM" (ft. Janet Jackson)

This video is definitely in my top 3 for Michael Jackson. The simplicity of just a black and white video. You can feel and sense their emotion they are vocalizing in this track. The futuristic vibe is also intriguing in this video. There's something eerie about this one, and I love it. There's a middle finger and swearing in this song. You can tell Michael and Janet are genuinely P.O-ed!

"THE GIRL IS MINE" (ft. Paul McCartney)

This is a song with Paul McCartney. It’s off the classic "Thriller" album. It's one of my absolute favorites for both of those reasons. I love a duet, by almost anyone, but to pair these two legends such music bliss. I also love the playful dialogue between the two throughout the song.

Two legends

Two legends


Ironically, I DO remember the time I first saw this video. I think it was one of those VH1/MTV specials on TV about Michael Jackson where for the entire night/day they literally just played MJ videos. This video is one of his famous "short film" ones, where there's narrative and an elongated storyline to go with the song. I love the dancing and the set. This video just makes you feel good. (I also just am noticing from the thumbnail of this video...that my haircut I got this weekend looks kinda like his hair...LOL)


This song is super soft and I absolutely love it for that reason. My memory associated with this song is me at Best Buy with my mom...looking at CDs. And I knew the name Michael Jackson, but didn't know any of his songs yet. I was probably in 5th grade. My mom said "yeah, you will like it." So I bought it. I think I had a giftcard for my birthday from my uncle or something, so I bought "Thriller." Good choice huh? I also love the rendition Michael does of it during the "This Is It" concert documentary. "If this town is just an apple, let me take a bite."

What are your favorite MJ tracks? Thoughts on the above?