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"Anziety" (anxiety)

So I’ve already written about one of my favorite rappers right now, Logic, on this blog. More specifically, his smash-hit song “1-800-273-8255.” But I’d like to focus on him again for this post, focused on another song that I can't get enough of.

This song, ironically enough, is also about mental health. Off his latest album release, “Everybody,” the song is called “Anziety.” Yes, it's spelled like that.

Apparently it is not spelled “Anziety” intentionally, from what Logic said. He claims that his producer (6ix) for the album thought that was actually the correct spelling of the word, and Logic just decided to keep the song titled that upon the album’s release. 

Anyways, this is a longer track on the album and certainly one of my favorites. I listen to it all the time. 

It’s a super interesting perspective on the discomfort and struggle of living with anxiety. It offers a fresh perspective on the mental health issue as well.

The song starts off slow and very mellow. The lyrics go: “Everything is fine, everything is so fine. Cause I’m good, so good...” The idea of this opening is to show the idea of life sans anxious feelings. How good it feels and how easy life can be.

The beat then picks up quite dramatically. It progresses super quick, and Logic starts dropping his first verse. He is acting as the personification of anxiety itself. “Ima get up in your mind right now! Make you feel like dyin’ right now! Ima make you pray to God to the good old Lord for a sign right now!” He keeps spitting. He IS anxiety. One of my favorite lines is where he kind of highlights the stigmatization and taboo of mental health in hip-hop/rap culture, “people in the street goin’ ape s***, battling depression but nobody wanna say s***!” I mean come on, that true is that!

This personification continues. The power of this feeling is really portrayed in combination of the song’s production and Logic’s narrative.

What I LOVE about Logic is the fact that he is truly an advocate and not scared to talk about these taboo topics in his songs. His music means things to people because he is a great storyteller, amazing lyricist and artist, and is super vulnerable and transparent with his message. A message of positivity that EVERYBODY can relate to. 

Again... “battling depression but nobody wanna say s***! Why nobody wanna say, I been living with this everyday. Why nobody wanna say, everything will be ok?”

The beat then translates back into the intro. It’s super peaceful now, with harmonizing and singing. 

Logic goes on to a dialogue part of the song where he shares a story of where he publicly had an anxiety/panic attack in a crowd of people in line at a movie theater. He was confused after passing out. He didn’t want to believe it was anxiety, even though after testing, doctors diagnosed it as such. He thought there’s no way anxiety could take over his physical body and overall self-balance. Isn’t it just mental?

He goes on to say...

“Can it in fact be the mind controlling the body? Yeah! Of course...I’m so in control of my mind and my body, and I’m subconsciously forcing myself into a state of self-bondage tangled by the ropes of my own mind. I am unhappy. Not with life, but with this feeling.” 

The absolutely raw vulnerability and consciousness from Logic is so admirable. I have so much respect for this artist who is continually showing his activism and support of positive things. Removing stigmas, promoting peace, love and positivity... Logic is truly a GREAT artist.