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Why I love Samsung

This new Samsung commercial has really caught my eye recently.

It's hilarious. It's so well produced. It's petty. But it's true...

The video is essentially mocking Apple and the iPhone. How each "new" phone is not that different from its things recently have not made when they decided to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack and force users to use dongles which make the phone, in public, look ridiculous.

The advanced technology of Samsung is what makes it superior in my opinion. They definitely offer the new technology first, but I think Apple takes it's time to get it more properly developed and perfected. This is a huge debate, but that's just my opinion.

Clock widget, weather widget, Google widget

Clock widget, weather widget, Google widget

Yes, I had a droid at one point. Last year, I was honestly sick of the iPhone. It was static to me. Nothing was changing. So I took the plunge. I thought the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge looked awesome, and I wanted to try out Android. So I got it.

At the time, it was the phone everyone was talking about.

Right away, I loved the huge screen...almost all of the phone's "face" is the screen. It was a beautiful display that gives you a lot of real estate for your content.

I love the Always-On Display as well. It's really nice to be able to see the time (yes I know there are alarm clocks) in the middle of the night just by glancing at my phone and not have to touch the phone at all.

The wireless charging technology really got me excited, but then I thought about it's not practical while using your phone. Maybe everyone else already knew that and understood that? I don't know. But I guess I didn't think about it until I got it and started using it. It's great as desktop hardware, though.

I also really liked being able to customize the phone. The modular options for the Android interface is awesome too. Sidenote: I don't like a lot of apps on my phone. If I have to have a lot, I put them in one folder. It's a folder of apps I do not frequently use. Then everything that's essential is clear and easy to navigate without going through pages and page of apps. So...back to my point, I liked being able to only have a few apps on the phone and then the option to add widgets is super cool too. I have the weather widget and really liked having it right there on the phone.

The phone is also water-resistant. I thought that was super cool! I could have my phone IN the shower playing music. In the actual shower. Not by the sink.

So all those aspects of the phone were cool. But my favorite part of the phone, and still to this day, is the expandable memory. You can essentially store limitless content on this device and switch out micro-SD cards and never have to delete things. I could see this being a huge benefit for daily vloggers. I really liked using the phone at concerts to record clips and not have to worry about running out of space. I also was able to save most all of my Spotify library to my phone, so I was never wasting data on my way to and from work 5 days a week.

Why don't I use it anymore? I just listed some things I really love about this gorgeous phone. started getting really slow. I've heard this can happen with Android devices a few months after you start using them. It definitely happened with mine. It was super laggy. None of the updates would fix it either. The battery also started to get worse and worse and it was annoying. I also honestly felt weird “texting” as opposed to sending “iMessages.” I felt more detached from conversation as crazy as that sounds. So, I went back to Apple and got an iPhone again.

I have no issues with my iPhone 7+ right now. I got the matte black one; I love the look of it just aesthetically. I do; however, wish the screen was larger (I hate the wasted space on top of the screen and below the screen by the home button) and the battery was better and it offered expandable memory. Because of the lack of support for micro-SD cards, I opted for the largest option they had for the phone's storage and I've been fine. I will keep it until it gets too slow or something cooler comes out. It's still in mint condition and I've had it over a year.

Take a look at the video below. Have an opinion. What are your thoughts?