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Is coming together as a nation possible?

Last night on 60 Minutes, an interesting concept was featured and moderated by Oprah. The premise was she grouped together 7 supporters of President Trump and 7 non-supporters of President Trump. The high-level goal was to get them in a room together and have them discuss and share perspective.

Of course, Trump, who everyone knows enjoys his television time...ended up tweeting and attempting to blast Oprah by saying:

Not sure what to say about that. . . . Anyways. 

The uplifting and inspiring part of this segment was the fact that the individuals on both sides of the spectrum were admittedly able to understand the opposing perspective. 

However, before these 14 individuals got to that point, there was, of course, lots of back and forth “slander.”

Tom: Trump is a counter puncher. Kim Jong Un came out with his, “Hey, I’ve got the nuclear button.” Trump is a counter puncher. He’s gonna say, “Guess what? Mine’s bigger than yours.” It’s just who he is. 

Jennifer: I know but it is like playground antics of “My dad can beat up your dad.” 

The group goes on and on and finally gets to a point where they can sit and listen to the other side without interrupting. It’s a micro-experiment of the possibility of our nation coming together. 

It was refreshing to see the two sides be able to come together, and hear the “debate” on air.