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On Kurt’s birthday

Today is the day that would mark Kurt Cobain’s 50th birthday. How crazy is that to think? 

“They say” (please note: the previous quoted skepticism is a whole separate future blog post in itself) that Kurt killed himself in 1994.

There’s no denying the fact that he had a troubled childhood and faced his fair share of difficulty growing up. This can be explained in much more depth in the awesome semi-new documentary, “Montage of Heck.” Watch chilling trailer below.

What most appeals to me about Kurt and Nirvana’s music is the lyrics. I think people either love or hate Nirvana...but if people paid attention to his lyricism they could understand his true power and insights.  Or they just think all their music sounds like “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” doesn’t.

Some of the words don’t make sense to me...honestly. But there’s something about his voice and lyrics that is chilling and kind of eerie to me. He says most of the stories are true that he alludes to in his song, but some are pulled from other inspirations like movies, books, his friends, etc., but the emotion in this song, that he is so known for, is his. And his alone.

Some of my favorite lyrics/quotes:

This one comes from the song “Drain You” 

”One baby to another says I’m lucky to have met you. I don’t care what you think unless it is about me. It is now my duty to completely drain you.” 

This writing is from the album, Incesticide:

”At this point I have a request for our fans. If any of you in any way hate homosexuals, people of different color, or women, please do this one favor for us — leave us...alone! Don’t come to our shows and don’t buy our records.” 

Lyrics to the song “Lounge Act” 

“Truth...covered in security. I can’t let you smother me. I’d like to, but it couldn’t work. Trading off and taking turns. I don’t regret a thing. I got this friend, you see, she makes me feel. And I wanted more than I could steal. I’ll arrest myself; I’ll wear a shield. I’ll go out my way to prove I still...smell her on you.”

Lyrics from “Serve the Servants

"Teenage angst has paid off well. Now I’m bored and old.” 

”...I tried hard to have a father, but instead, I had a dad. I just want you to know that I don’t hate you anymore. There is nothing I could say that I haven’t thought before.” 

Not sure where this quote is from, but I love it.

"Thank you for the tragedy. I need it for my art."

Overall, I love his open-minded nature and the fact that he was such a vocal advocate for minorities...homosexuals, women, African Americans, etc. I think that’s so admirable whenever someone in a place of POWER stands up for others. He also just seemed to be such an interesting, gifted soul that was taken way too soon.

If you haven’t already, watch “Montage of Heck.” It’s a great insight into Kurt’s life. If you're trying/want to give Nirvana's music a chance, I would suggest first listening to the MTV Unplugged Nirvana album. It's one of my all time favorite albums. It's truly something special.

Happy 50th, Kurt. Thank you for your music.