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Last night on earth

Over the summer, on a whim, my sister and I went to see Green Day perform at Wrigley Field. It was nostalgic and such a great show. Neither of us had ever seen them before, but we had a really great time and the performance was awesome. I would definitely see them again. It was really such a spontaneous decision to go, and the fact that we both thought it was one of the best shows we'd ever seen is pretty funny. Also concerts at Wrigley in nice weather are so fun.

Anyways, this post is about one of my favorite Green Day songs. It's not even one that they performed that night. It's one I learned after the sister showed me it. I LOVE it!

It's called "Last Night On Earth" off the 21st Century Breakdown album.

It's very mellow and soft compared to most all of their other songs. Especially the main ones they are known doesn't sound anything like "Basket Case" or "American Idiot." This is, in essence, a love song.

I especially love the very apparent Beatles influence on this track. Besides the sound and chord progression, the lyrics and narrative follow a Beatles type pattern, thematically and sonically. Read lyrics below:

I text a postcard, sent to you
Did it go through?
Sending all my love to you
You are the moonlight of my life
Every night
Giving all my love to you

The "sending all my love to you" is almost a direct allusion to The Beatles infamous "All My Loving."

It's always very interesting, and usually quite pleasant, when groups like Green Day record softer "love song" type records. They're usually some of my favorites, as they show another, more vulnerable side to these more aggressive artists.

If you haven't heard this track, please take a listen. You might be pleasantly surprised!