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The master of marketing

Mr. Russell Brunson

Mr. Russell Brunson

Meet Russell Brunson.

If you are a marketing professional, or really interested in furthering growth and maximizing conversions in any business, he's a name I feel you should know.

He is an absolute marketing expert and has written two amazing tell-all books. One called "Expert Secrets" and the other "Dotcom Secrets." 

I spent my time on Superbowl Sunday starting "Dotcom Secrets" and literally couldn't put it down or stop highlighting and flagging pages to go back to. There is SO much critical information in there about increasing traffic, controlling your traffic, and so much more. He literally breaks everything down into terms that anyone can understand and manipulate to fit their own business needs. There are tons of drawings and diagrams to use as reference when learning one of Russell's "secrets."

One particular part of "Expert Secrets" literally gives you exact scripts that you can manipulate and use to create the PERFECT Webinar. These two books are like marketing/business bibles.

His writing is super inspiring and makes me just want to keep reading and pushing further my own marketing initiatives.

I feel both of those books should be required reading for any marketing professional. And even any business owner. There is so much insight in those books that you really can start a proven, successful marketing campaign based directly off of them. Using his scripts. And proven methods.

When you pick up his books, or if you already have read them, please leave your feedback below! I am interested to hear about what others found most useful.