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Smart lightbulb

Smart. Lightbulbs. Yes, that is today's topic.

I recently bought a Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance smart lightbulb. I thought it would be cool to add an extra controllable lighting element in my room, especially one I can control from my phone.

I have a diffuser that transitions from color to color, and another small lamp that does the same, so I figured the lamp on my nightstand should do the's weird if it doesn't, right? Yeah..

So. I got the package from Amazon. It had just the lightbulb in it, as I thought that's all I needed. WRONG. (I didn't do much research on this before purchasing, clearly.)

You also need the Philips Hue Bridge. The Bridge connects via ethernet to your router and comes with an AC adapter to plug into your wall. This is the technology that speaks to your lightbulb and connects your bulb to your smart device.

Now, once you have both the bridge and bulb, (however many lightbulbs you want...) you are ready to download the Philips Hue app. After downloading, it will walk you through what to do. It's super simple. You basically press a button the Bridge, then let it find your lightbulb, and connect to it. Then, you have full control over your smart lighting.

One really cool part of the app is that it comes with "Scenes" that you can choose from. Examples: Savanna Sunset, Tropical Twilight, Arctic Aurora, Spring Blossom, etc. You can change the intensity/saturation of each "scene" and on any other custom color you choose to set as your lighting.

So far, after playing around with the app for 30 minutes, I'm really impressed. I want another. It's just kind of a lot of money to spend...on a lightbulb.

Bulb and Bridge kit is linked here.