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Deep Dive: A Hard Day's Night

A Hard Day's Night was released as the third album by The Beatles, in 1964. Artists today are definitely not releasing that quantity and quality of music. Crazy to think that in the first three years of the fab four they already released three great albums. Also, this WHOLE album was written by The Beatles. They were the second group of pop musicians to set this record. The first was by Dylan.

The Beatles also filmed "A Hard Day's Night" the movie, which was their first feature film. I saw bits of it a long time ago and didn't care for it. I wonder if I watched it now how I would feel. I should do that. But, I do remember it reminded me so much of "Spice World" the movie by The Spice Girls. And looking back, The Spice Girls' movie was so directly inspired by The Beatles' success in film.

Anyways, into the deep dive of this one. The opening track, "A Hard Day's Night," is legendary. And Paul opened his tour last year with the track. He said he felt the chord was so iconic and the perfect way to start the concert. Also, it was the first time that he had played that song in (I think) over 50 years. I saw him opening night in Miami, FL with the song. I will never forget that.

"I Should Have Known Better" is the second song on the album. I love this one as well. John's delivery on this song is so powerful to me, and I love the harmonica, which I usually don't! When I hear this song now, I always think back to the many American English (Beatles tribute band) concerts I saw where they always played this song. AE got me into this song for sure. If you're a Beatles fan and haven't seen American English, I highly recommend seeing them. They put on a great show.

"If I Fell" is a much slower song compared to the one's prior. Just another classic, sweet Beatles love song. Expressing vulnerability is something I always respect in music, so naturally I love this song.

The next song is a George one. It also reminds me of American English. "I'm Happy Just to Dance with You" is that rock and roll George sound. It's just a cute song. That's the best word I can describe it with.

Another classic here. Song number five. And I have seen Paul do this (I think at all 12 shows I've been to) which is awesome. "And I Love Her" is one of those Beatles songs that everyone should know. I think I tried to learn this one on guitar or piano...key word is "tried." This song is so pure and just innocent. Also, when Paul plays this song at his concerts, he shakes his butt during the break (about the 1:30 mark). All the "fans on the run" love that. #MaccaWiggle

The next song, "Tell Me Why," is another John one that I love. His delivery is powerful and his voice sounds awesome. Great sing a long song.

"Can't Buy Me Love" -- what can I say about this one? I don't think Paul does this one at all of his shows anymore, but I have seen it a few times. It's one of the ones where everyone gets up and sings to. I love how universal their songs are.

"Any Time At All" has that strong John vocal delivery I have been talking about on here that I love so much. It's really just powerful! And I love the sonic interaction of John and Paul on this track.

The next one, "I'll Cry Instead," is another favorite of mine on this album. It's just a great, kind of country/bluesy song. I love John's emphasis on "cry," too. I'm also picking up a lot of the bass line when I'm listening right now. I've never noticed that before.

"Things We Said Today" is the tenth song on the album. Paul sings lead on this one. To be honest, I kind of forgot about this song completely. I like the progression of the track. The instrumentation sort of builds up as the song moves forward.

This is classic Beatles pop sound, with John on lead vocals. "When I Get Home" starts out strong and memorable. Overall, I think it's an underrated, often forgotten Beatles track.

"You Can't Do That" is also led by John. I love this one. There's almost a call and response part of the song near the end which gives the song some depth. I pick up George's vocals in that one as well.

The final track, "I'll Be Back" is a slower love song, and an interesting choice to close the album with. Not a favorite of mine, but it is worth a listen. I think it leaves you wanting more Beatles songs. That may be the point.

Overall, another great one by the group. I will have to rewatch the movie to see how the songs play into the actual film. I love the album cover as it shows the very playful side of the guys in a very relatable way. Especially in 2018 we can relate to this cover. There are some real classics on this album, especially my favorite, "And I Love Her." Again, this is only The Beatles' third release. And it's been two years. How INSANE is that to think?

Next up, is Beatles for Sale.