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The power of nostalgia

I think everyone subconsciously understands the power of nostalgia. To me, a bunch of my memories growing up, in my mind, correspond with the release of physical albums. Like I remember where I was when certain albums dropped and even more specifically, what store I bought the album from...and all the random details that surround the purchase. My life’s like a huge soundtrack of different artists and genres.

I’m kind of rambling now. But I also remember my freshman year of college in a required gen ed English course where we had an assignment to write about ANY important memory to us with vivid imagery, etc. Pretty vague right? Yep.

So for that assignment I decided to write about buying my first physical rap CD, which happened to be The Eminem Show by Eminem. I wrote about how it was the edited version of the CD, and my family and I had just gotten out of church and on the way home we stopped in our local Walgreens. I wrote about how my older sister bought the album too, and how my mom only let us buy the albums because they were the “clean” version. (At Best Buy a few weeks or a month prior I tried to convince my mother to buy me the parental advisory version of the same album. She did NOT.) I then wrote about how buying that album was pivotal for me as it got me into the entire genre of hip-hop/rap and how to this day I deem that album as one of my favorites of all time. My reponse to my professor, to me, felt genuine and transparent with who I am and how greatly I prize music.

Obviously had I gotten a good grade on this assignment I wouldn’t be writing this post at all. But I got an awful grade on it, as my professor commented that it wasn’t “special” enough to write about for her open-ended page long writing prompt. I thought to myself, and still think to this day that had to be the most ridiculously useless feedback I’ve ever gotten from a professor. Right? How is my teacher gonna tell me what my important memories are? Isn’t the goal of a vague writing prompt like that for her to provide feedback on my writing style and technique? I would think so...

It actually made me laugh. An English professor who does not know me from any other student in the whole me a terrible grade because what I value as important in my memory and childhood isn’t something she does in hers. Funny how stuff like that works right?

I could have juiced up some sappy memory about my family, blah blah blah and would have been fine. But...I didn’t. I wrote about something I still think about from time to time to this day, 6-7 years later. And write a bitter blog post about it. LOL