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Problems with iPhone X

Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X

How beautiful does the "new" iPhone X look? That huge screen and finally...we're getting rid of that huge chunk of wasted space (massive iconic bezel) on top of the screen and below it with the physical home button. Right? Right. We want more screen and less "wasted" real estate, especially on these phones that are retailing for close to four digits.

Though it does look futuristic and super advanced compared to the iPhone 7 and any of its Apple predecessors, it truly isn't. But that's not what I'm trying to write about here.

I'm going to add that I do not own this phone and I will not own this phone. My opinion here is based off online research and my own thoughts when it comes to phones and technology. What I feel Apple should and should not do, etc.

Wireless charging feature

Wireless charging feature

So yeah. New phone from Apple...and it actually looks pretty different than all the other iPhones.

It also introduced some "new" technology to Apple consumers. Yes, the wireless charging feature is awesome! What a great concept that Apple is finally implementing. Now you can buy another expensive piece of hardware to sit on your desk to charge your phone while you work. (That wasn't sarcastic...I actually still have my Galaxy S7 Edge wireless charging setup on my desk here.)

One problem I would definitely have with this phone is one that I had when I was using the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as my daily driver. (My first...and last, Android.)

It's the fact that the iPhone X is honestly TOO BEAUTIFUL to use a case on.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

And that's why my Galaxy looks like absolute trash right's scratched up and pieces are missing from the corners of the phone. I did; however, put a matte black skin on the back of that phone, because I wanted to cover the logos. I wanted the phone more minimalistic. And I really liked how it looked covered up. With the iPhone X, I don't think I would even need or want a skin. The glass looks super high end...cause it is. But then again, it IS glass. So you need to treat it like glass, but it's a phone, and you use it all the time and are carrying it with you everywhere you go. So you are either sacrificing aesthetic with any bulky protective case, or you're risking it getting damaged by being too cool for a case. It's your choice! I personally would opt for the latter, though I will not be buying this phone.

Another issue I have with this phone is that it doesn't support expandable storage. You cannot add an SD card to this phone to hold more information. I don't know if Apple will ever embrace expandable storage. I hope they do, but I can see them trying to make the larger capacity phones more desirable to consumers...thus getting more hard earned dollars to Apple. But come on! It would make any model iPhone so much better.

People complain about this phone's price tag. Why is an iPhone $1,000+? Well...maybe because all other iPhones and Apple products in general are extremely expensive so this one had to be that price. Also...I paid close to, if not, $1,000.00 for my iPhone 7+ (256gb) after it came out, so maybe that's why the price isn't really crazy to me. Am I dumb for doing that? Probably. But it is what it is...the phone still works, I have substantial room left, and no complaints besides I'm bored with the phone.

Those are just my outsider looking into the iPhone X. I really thought I would want it, but for the above reasons, I don't.

And yes, obviously there's no 3.5mm headphone jack.

Watch the below video for an actual, comprehensive review of one of my favorite tech YouTuber's, "UrAvgConsumer."

What are your thoughts? Do you have this phone? Do you want it but think it's too pricey? Or are you fine with what you have now? Let me know below. I'm interested!