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Big Sean consistently has bars

"I Decided," Big Sean (2017)

"I Decided," Big Sean (2017)

One of my favorite projects from 2017 was Big Sean's album release "I Decided."

It's one of those albums that I can always listen to from top to bottom, without skipping a track. I never get sick of it.

The album starts off with a narrative and ties in the whole "concept" of having a decision in where your life goes ultimately.

There are some really great features on this album as well. Jeremih on "Light" is a classic to me, and Em's verse on "No Favors" is legendary for the city of Detroit. Another great feature is "Sacrifices" feat. the Migos. Though those are all really great songs, my favorite track is probably either "Inspire Me" or "Bigger Than Me." They are both feel good songs to sing along with. (Yes sing.)

Check out the first track on the album, "Light," feat. Jeremih and the classic "Sacrifices" feat. the Migos trifecta.

I went to Sean's show in Chicago after the album's release and it was incredible. That was actually the second Sean show I've been to. The first was back in 2010 when he opened for Wiz Khalifa. No one knew who he was. I knew him from Mike Posner's mixtapes (which has some Sean collabs that are still fire).

The album overall is just inspirational and deep. There are the party/fun songs too but they're laced with juxtaposed themes of the overall "I Decided" concept.

Overall I am always impressed with Sean. His flow is so unique to him and his releases just keep improving every time. I am always excited for new Big Sean songs or features.

I hope to see him again in concert in the future.