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Recently, there's another "celebrated" drama involving police and a black male in the headlines. Two Sacramento Police officers shot 22-year old Stephon Clark seven times in his own backyard, and then proceeded to wait to call for medical help as they thought he was "faking" his state of unconsciousness and possibly hiding a weapon, after being shot seven times.

Monday the Sacramento Police Department released fifty-four video and audio clips from this tragic incident. These clips reveal new information regarding the case and controversy of this Stephon Clark case. An independent autopsy revealed that Clark didn't die between three and 10 minutes after being hit by the officers' first bullets. This means had help arrived sooner, the possibility of Clark surviving greatly increases.

Currently the investigation is ongoing as police continue to investigate whether the reaction (calling the medics) was appropriate or not quick enough.

This entire episode unfolded as the Sacramento PD responded to calls of "someone breaking car windows in the neighborhood" when they then began chasing after Stephon Clark. Stephon led the police to the backyard of his grandparent's house, where he also resided. The police are saying they thought he was holding a weapon, but turns out it was just a cell phone.

Part of the chilling dialogue from the dashcam footage:

“Police Department, can you hear us?” another male officer said.

“We need to know if you're OK,” a female officer said. “We need to get you medics, but we can't go over to get you help unless we know you're, you don't have your weapon.”

"Let's have the next unit get, just bring a non-lethal in case he's pretending," she continued.

Whether the police were right to think he had a weapon or not is not something WE (anyone who wasn't there) can claim an opinion on. But I would argue that after the police use their firearm even ONCE, they should be calling medics. Why are they waiting? There has to be something huge I'm missing here.