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Grace v Abrams

Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace co-host a new-ish show on A&E. The show is a debate style panel where the two offer their bold opinions on certain celebrated, high-profile cases.

Most people know Nancy Grace from her long career on HLN and her strong, at times aggressive personality. I know Dan Abrams from Live PD (another great A&E show). It's hard-to-look away when they are "debating."

The two episodes I watched are about Casey Anthony and Drew Peterson.

The Casey Anthony one really intrigued me. They had one of her jail-mates on the show and she discussed knowing Casey and what she thought of the case.

The Casey Anthony episode also had the judge on the set to discuss his insight.

I think it's a very engaging way to see a deeper dive into the case with two different opinions on the matter, and of course, the featured guests.