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San Bruno, CA

Tuesday afternoon was another American atrocity. A shooting took place at the YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno, CA. Luckily, no one (as of this post) was killed, except for the shooter who took her own life after firing at random people in the building.

Now just because no one was killed does not mean this incident should be dismissed or ignored. No. This is not some sort of victory or positive movement in regards to gun control. The innocent lives in the YouTube Headquarters building in San Bruno, CA are forever scarred, just are all other lives touched directly or indirectly by these horrendous incidents. 

I also feel this incident is a statement on the current politics of guns, in the sense that this was not a school. This is yet another terrible situation which shows that YES the problem is guns. Guns are fundamentally causing these things to happen over and over, and just because no one innocent was killed doesn’t make that point any less valid. It’s not just schools! Yes, we have known that. But Tuesday sure reinforced it.

Another frightening thing I read was that most of the people in the building were not first alarmed by the gunshots, but rather the scurrying of people above them which at the time sounded like an earthquake or some other sort of natural disaster. People were running, so more people started running, and no one seemed to know why or from what they were running. I can’t imagine how scary and traumitizing that would be.