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Thursday YouTuber Casey Neistat posted a new video titled “WHAT’S NEXT FOR ME ON YouTube !!”

There was a lot of conversation about Casey’s Beme “failure” after the company was bought by CNN. This was announced roughly two months ago. CNN initially attempted to expand their digital news business by using Casey’s team at Beme, though it was not as successful as necessary. I think it’s fair to say Casey was a bit embarrassed that something HE created ultimately failed, but this week he announced what’s next. Hence the title of his YouTube video. 

He’s taking the same space he was leasing for Beme and using it for a collaborative space for creators and musicians and all people alike. It will become an extremely dynamic entity of Casey’s YouTube video content, with its own title “358” and own daily upload cycle. It’s titled “368” because that’s the address of the space.

I am excited to see what Casey comes out with each and every day. His content is always thought-provoking and interesting and the collaborative aspect will push that even farther. 

It’s incredible how down to earth and vulnerable Casey is by sharing this new “attempt” at creating content daily. In fact, a lot of my inspiration for writing daily came from Casey’s previous daily vlog. It’s cool to challenge yourself to do something consistently and for an elongated span of time. 

To Casey!