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Invasion of privacy

Last week Cardi B's debut album was released, titled Invasion of Privacy. It's a release I was super excited about listening to as it was super hyped up. I've seen all over Instagram artists and other celebrities (Oprah, Ellen) commenting showing their support to Cardi.

Last night she was on SNL. Her performances are below.

Offset and Cardi

Offset and Cardi

What's so special about Cardi? Well, first...she's a female. That's an extremely important part of this. She's a hard rapper. She's unapologetically herself. She isn't ashamed of her past being a stripper. She isn't going to change. She really just speaks her mind and is hysterical. Also cool that she revealed her baby bump on SNL. I think it's kind of odd that she did it during the song "Be Careful" my opinion a diss about cheating, but it's just my thought so it's okurrrrrrrr.

Below is a hilarious skit from SNL that features Cardi and parodies her as well. I could watch this on a loop forever.

Her album is a really solid project. It opens with a track called "Get Up 10" which is so Cardi. It's just her sound. Hashtag big mood. It's just a song you have to listen to if you want to get into her music.

"Drip" is next and features the Migos. Cardi is non-officially known as the fourth Migo. It's classic Migos sound.

The tracks continue and also feature "Bodak Yellow," "Be Careful," and "Bartier Cardi."

There is a nice feature from Chance The Rapper on "Best Life." It's one of my favorite tracks on the album. The chorus, which Chance sings:

I told y'all, I said I'm livin' my best life
I told y'all, I said I'm livin' my best life (ayy)
I made a couple M's with my best friends
Turned all my L's into lessons
You see the whip pullin' up, it's like "skrrt" (skrrt, skrrt, like skrrt)
Dreams fillin' up, I'm like "skrrt" (like skrrt)
I'm livin' my best life
It's my birthday, at least that's what I'm dressed like

"I Like It" is another great standout track on the album. It features Bad Bunny and J Balvin. I don't know anything about either of them, but enjoy their contributions to the song. It's a song that'll stick in your head and has that Spanish vibe.

Cardi clearly made her statement on Invasion of Privacy. She's here to stay and she's leading female rap right now. It's not a debate!