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Something amazing happened

So yesterday was an extremely exciting day for me. It’s a day that I have been waiting for...for months now. And am still waiting for more days like it to come. I don’t know when the next days like this will be...they’re typically a surprise. 

What happened? Well...Austin City Limit announced their lineup for their 2018 festival, and to my surprise...Sir Paul is headlining it! Though I am not a fan of festivals (nor the idea of Texas), I had to grab tickets. I love exploring these different places, and Paul shows give me the perfect reason to travel there. 


I am beyond excited for Paul’s next tour. I hope he really shakes things up and throws in a bunch of different songs to his set. But if he doesn’t, it wouldn’t matter. His shows are gold and comparable to no other performer that I’ve seen. 

Though the fest is in October, I will start researching spots I want to go to in my down time there. I’m not sure if a friend’s coming with or what, there’s certainly time to figure out those things later. 

I’m just super psyched to have a new Paul show on my calendar! WOO! Here's to Show #13 :)