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Reliving a bit of college

There is so much power in nostalgia. Yesterday I took a trip with my good friend Morgan to celebrate our friend from college's graduation. She was graduating from Bradley so we were driving from the burbs to Peoria. On the way, we stopped at our favorite watering hole in Bloomington-Normal and relived some great memories!

We didn't plan to stop there, but spur of the moment we decided to stop there and just check out what's changed since we were last on campus. A lot changed. AND a lot didn't.

We walked by one of our apartments (the one we lived in senior year) and got a picture outside of it for the memory...we had such a great time in that apartment and just seeing it again was fun. It was a really awful apartment. Awful management. Would not recommend to a friend, but wouldn't trade the experience for the world. I don't think.

We learned so much there. And I'm not talking about the classes we took. But in retrospect just the experience and living on our own made us grow so much. It's incredible to meet a lifelong friend like that.

But just that hour or two we spent in Bloomington-Normal on Illinois State's campus again was so nostalgic. We were so happy. It felt weird to be back and see people graduating but it was super cool to physically be back and experience that dive bar again.