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The most innovative tech in years


Back in March of 2017, Nintendo released the new modular console...the Nintendo Switch.


What made it so different and how does it stack up today, over a year later?

The Switch is important and pivotal as it is a hybrid console. You can either play it as a standard game system sitting on your couch and playing with a controller speaking to your TV. Or, you can take the device in handheld mode and play it like you would play a game on your phone. You can also set it up in tabletop mode if you don't have a TV nearby.


When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, there are just so many options. And not only are there options on the style of gameplay you prefer, there are also lots of options for controllers. You can use the two joy-cons together with a plastic grip to create a more "standard" feeling controller, but you can also use just one joy-con when you have multiple people playing together. You could use both joy-cons without a plastic grip holding them together. And another option is to use a wired controller or a wireless "pro" controller.

One drawback at the console's 2017 launch was the lack of games out to choose from, though some people said the Switch's exclusive The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild release had enough content it to make them not hungry for other games for a WHILE. Another important game that was released exclusively for the Switch is Mario Odyssey. People online went crazy for both of those games.

The Legend Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not a game I ever thought I would be into. But it's so fun. Since I got my Switch (I can't remember when that even was...but it was months after the console's release), I have put in an embarrassing number of hours. It's a great game because it's an open world where you unlock more portions of the map.

It’s not often that a single game makes such a compelling case for buying an entire system, but Breath of the Wild by itself made the Switch completely worthwhile for me.
— Marshall Honorof

Splatoon 2 is another game that everyone with a Switch should grab, in my opinion. It's super fun and good for short playing sessions. You don't need to dedicate much time to play, but you can if you'd like. For those that have no idea...Splatoon 2 is basically a paint battle. You are on a team of 4 and are fighting against another team of 4 to see which team can "splat" the most paint on the ground. You can use an ink roller, a gun that shoots paint, or other weapons you buy from the shop. It's really fun and simple. You can also play with friends which is awesome.

The new addition of Nintendo Labo, in my opinion, makes the Switch some of the coolest tech out there right now. For younger kids and "adults" like myself. There's really something for everyone on it. (There's Tetris, Mario Cart, Payday 2, and all the other big name classics).

The fact that it's a modular/hybrid console makes all the difference. You can switch out joy-cons and get custom skins for them to really personalize your setup. You can change the colors based on whatever you're feeling that day. It's just really cool.

I think that everyone that plays with one will want one, even if you aren't into gaming. I wasn't into gaming, and literally just bought one because I never saw one in store before. I thought, I'll set it up and see if I like it. I can always sell it if I don't use it. But yeah, I still have it.

Can't wait to see what else is released on the Switch.