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The hard-hitting standout Frank Ocean track

After high school graduation, I remember being obsessed with Frank Ocean. And specifically, his song and video...Swim Good.

If you haven’t seen the video or heard the song...or heard of Frank Ocean at all, please do your ear’s the favor of doing so immediately. You cannot be disappointed. 

He is a king of modern R&B/Soul music.  His album Channel Orange is a classic to me and many others as well. His mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra is the debut release that got Ocean’s name in the game.

Frank joined Odd Future back in 2010 and was featured on some tracks. A favorite, She, with Tyler, the Creator is impeccable. 

But in my opinion, the absolute piece de resistance is Swim Good.

”The song explores the topic of romantic baggage, guilt and utilizes several metaphors. Lyrically, they song expresses a narrative about a man who, burdened with many failed relationships, ends his life by driving into the ocean. The track explores tropes of the tragic love story and suicide. The song received positive reviews from music critics, who praised Ocean’s vocals and the song’s dark subject matter” (Wiki). 

The song bears remarkable similarities to Kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreak  album. Frank also alludes to this album himself on the track, saying “there’s some pretty good beats on this 808 CD, yeah?”

The song and video are chilling. The lyrics are beyond poetic. Read some of them here:

That’s a pretty big trunk on my Lincoln town car, ain’t it? 

Big enough to take these broken hearts and put em in it

Now I’m driving round on the boulevard, trunk bleeding

And every time the cops pull me over, they don’t ever see them

They never see them

And I’ve got this black suit on

Roamin’ around like I’m ready for a funeral

Five more miles til the road runs out

I’m about to drive in the ocean

I’ma try to swim from somethin’ bigger than me

Kick off my shoes and swim good, and swim good

Take off this suit and swim good, and swim good

Watch the video above. 

I can’t wait for new Frank material. I am still listening to Chanel, though.  Love you Frank.