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My thoughts on the Texas massacre

So yesterday marked the 22nd school shooting this year. It's May. That averages roughly one shooting per week. Absolutely disgusting.

There are at least 10 dead in the Santa Fe High School where an active shooter was armed with an AR-15 style rifle, a pistol, shotgun, and pipe bombs.

A few months prior, the School Walkout showed Santa Fe High School doing what all the other schools did, too. They held a sign "Santa Fe High School Says #Never Again."


It truly breaks my heart when things like this happen. The NRA blames everything except the weapons that are killing our students. It's so disgusting.

I watched some clips on TV about the massacre and everyone is talking about "red flags" and "warning signs" we should have caught before this happened. I don't think that's the right thing to focus on...why can't we shift our focus to what can we do to stop this from happening!

We can find these red flags and warning signs but we need to focus FIRST on a solution to end this epidemic! Yes, red flags and warning signs are important! But not primarily. Stop it first, then study and we can learn those developments as well. That's just my thought from the 15-minutes of news clips that I watched today.

We also need to stop glorifying these disgusting shooters. I don't want to know the shooter's name or see the shooter's face. We need to see the faces of the victims! We need to know the names of the victims. We need to know the stories and legacies of these victims. I very much appreciate the news anchors who do NOT show the shooter's picture or use his name...I really think the glorification is a big part of the problem, besides the easy access to weapons and the underlying mental health issues.

These events are senseless and absolutely should not feel so normal and expected. I personally cannot understand anyone NOT feeling outraged with every single massacre that happens.

The absolutely saddest clip I saw online from this awful atrocity involved a student, Paige Curry, with the following dialogue:

“Was there a part of you that was like, ‘This isn’t real, this is — this would not happen in my school?’” the reporter asked.

The young girl shook her head: “No, there wasn’t.”

“Why so?” the reporter asked.

“It’s been happening everywhere,” she said. “I felt — I’ve always kind of felt like eventually it was going to happen here, too.”

Honestly, it just breaks my heart. My thoughts, prayers, heart, and everything goes out to everyone involved. Truly. I really hope we can start changing quickly. We need to.