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Thank you, Epiphone

Within the last month or so I wrote a post about my Epiphone Ukulele Outfit, and how disatisfied I was with the fact that it completely broke and was deemed unrepairable per two local guitar shops. And I had only had the uke for less than a year! To reiterate, the bridge randomly snapped off (yes randomly, I wasn’t even holding the was on a stand and I heard what sounded like a loud crash...days later I saw the ukulele’s bridge was snapped off and the strings were all rogue.) 

Anyways, I reached out to Epiphone via Twitter. No luck. I then went on to Epiphone’s website where they have a form to contact them with issues and concerns. So I filled out the form and I actually got a response a day or two later. I couldn’t believe it! Sad, I don’t expect to get any response to an issue in 2018. I just feel like customer service is so awful everywhere now, but that’s certainly a whole ‘nother blog post. 

The guy who contacted me was super nice and responded in a very timely manner. He gave me specific instructions on how to send in my uke and how to package it to ensure it stayed in tact upon its arrival to the Epiphone “warehouse.” 

I dropped the carefully wrapped package off at my local UPS and kept the tracking number. I emailed Jon, my Epiphone contact, and he kept me posted on the updates. He let me know that they received my ukulele and its going through review. He then emailed me saying they are sending me a brand new one. I was so happy! I really expected them to say they can’t do anything about it or something bogus. But it’s awesome to feel taken care of by a company you love. 

Thank you Epiphone!