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Kanye's propelling an idea that he doesn't support

On Tuesday after I got home from work, I watched the lengthy, and fantastically produced, Charlamagne x Kanye interview. It's over an hour and a half of new content where Ye talks about his mental health, his "breakthrough" that had him hospitalized, liposuction, politics, and plans for the future, among other things. Watch the entire interview below:

Though I really found the entire interview to be extremely inspiring and interesting, I keep thinking about a point he made very clear (and has made very clear in the past as well). He hates wearing things with labels and branding. He essentially said it makes you look like a try-hard.

Well what's it like when all these kids are wearing Yeezy? And he's profiting off it? His shoes are very noticeably his. There aren't other shoes that you would mistake for Yeezys, besides good fake ones. He wears them. Yeah, he designed them, but they're not super generic.

Just something I've been thinking about.