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I talk about Casey Neistat so often...but he's just so interesting and inspiring. Above is his video montage of the "Draw My Life" segment that was going around YouTube a while ago.

It quite literally, draws his life and explains the importance of storytelling to him. It shows how he got to the success that he's at and his relationship with Owen, his oldest son.

His story is so the "rags to riches" story, but almost more rebellious. He didn't listen to anyone. He did what he wanted and his success is all his own.

I have so much respect for not only the quality and quantity of work he produces, but also his work ethic and motto in general.

His work ethic is the reason I do this daily blog. I don't know if it will do anything for me, but it makes me commit to something every day, and I'm about a quarter way to my goal of reaching a year.

It's something that you hold yourself to and you cannot move on with "free time" until it's done. It's just a part of your daily workflow. I like it a lot, though it is challenging some days to come up with content I feel passionate enough about to write substantially about.

I would definitely love to try some sort of vlogging, but don't think I have the confidence to do it yet. The idea of just having footage of your day to day seems so cool to me. Maybe the next trip I take, I will do it. Who knows.

The point is, try something and force yourself to do it for some extended amount of time. And see what comes from it. I've had opportunities come to me from LinkedIn more than usual ever since I started posting daily. Is it related to this at all? Not sure. But either way, I will keep going.

Thanks again Casey for the inspiration and positivity you give us all.