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Couples therapy


The above Casey Neistat 368 vlog explains the launch of his new podcast with his wife, Candice. The podcast is called Couples Therapy and the first episode was just released.

You can listen to the podcast here. It's also available to stream on Spotify.

The podcast is essentially the two having a conversation that we are listening in on. Non-edited. It's a nice insight into Candice as we don't see her as much in Casey's vlogs. It's more focused on Candice. We are used to everything being Casey focused, as it's his work, but this is a combined effort and is really nice to see.

I am excited to see where they take the podcast and am excited to be listening along as more content is published.

The first episode is, truly a therapy session with the two, minus the doctor. They talk about their pasts, ups and downs, and future.

The podcast is planned to release weekly, every Friday. It will range between 30-45 minutes and is just about Casey and Candice. Not just Casey's business, etc.