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Apple's smart keyboard

The Apple smart keyboard for the iPad Pro is incredible. It truly makes the iPad experience more that of a notebook than a tablet.

At first glance, the keyboard feels strange and different than any keyboard I've ever used prior. It looks kind of cheap and not necessarily comfortable. But after a few keystrokes, your hands get used to it and it feels oddly comfortable. It works beautifully. And the keys are actually satisfying to hit. The iPad wakes up when the keys are struck and it makes a "click" sound, not exactly similar to that of a mechanical keyboard, but still satisfying none the less.

My only wish would be that the keyboard was backlit. Then it would really be perfect. But, depending on which app you are typing in, for example the Squarespace Blog app is white, so the white bounces back onto the keyboard and sort of lights it on its own.


But I love the small form factor of how the keyboard folds up and magnetically connects to the back of the iPad cover. It's also good to note that the smart keyboard case can be connected to the iPad Pro and still fit, with some room to spare, in the Apple leather sleeve. It seems to be a great way to carry everything around when lugging a 12.9" display anywhere.

I definitely advise anyone whose looking to grab an iPad Pro to get the smart keyboard, too. It really takes the experience to another level. Though it's not cheap, when you're looking into iPad Pro accessories, you have to understand none of them are. Of course, a cheaper alternative would be just any standard bluetooth keyboard. But I'm telling you, the experience is far from the same.