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A week with the iPad Pro

So I’ve had my Apple iPad Pro for over a week, but haven’t really had the time to dedicate to it as much as I would have liked to since starting a new job and other things. But I really have been using it as my primary “computer” for about a week and have really limited complaints.

First off, I am extremely happy with the Smart Keyboard, though it was extremely expensive for what it is. The keyboard seems to drain the battery faster than I originally anticipated. Also, the keyboard only allows for one viewing angle on the iPad. The angle is fine when you are sitting down at a table or a desk, but it would be really nice to be able to shift angles when you’re sitting on a couch and just want it to rest on your lap. It does, however, feel very sturdy and I have no fears of the iPad falling over. 

Next...the Apple Pencil. Another very expensive device or accessory for the iPad Pro, but in my opinion and lifestyle it seemed very necessary. It is literally like writing on paper. Why not just write on paper then, you might ask? Because we can draw with zero latency in Adobe programs instead of drawing on a Wacom tablet or scanning sketches in digitally. Also, it’s just super fun. It has really taken me back to my drawing days and I think the Apple Pencil will sort of force me back into drawing. I am excited. I will definitely share some sketches later.

What else do I love about the iPad Pro? The form factor. Yes, the huge form factor. It’s as big if not bigger than standard notebooks, but so much more powerful and capable. I love the multi-tasking feature. On a smaller iPad, I feel there wouldn’t be enough screen real estate to divvy up part of your screen for a secondary app. In that instance, I would use my iPhone or another computer. It just doesn’t demand two devices with the 12.9” iPad Pro. 

And for my last Apple accessory, the black leather sleeve, I have to say it’s very sleek and I love that the keyboard case fits on the iPad inside the sleeve. It also holds the Apple Pencil which is great. I heard people complain that there aren’t good ways to carry around the pencil, but I have to disagree. The leather sleeve seems to be the best way to have everything in one place. Now, if only there was a spot for a lightning cable and a power brick...then it would truly be all-in-one. 

I also am thinking down the line I may want to grab the Back Cover for the iPad just to reduce scratching...if I use the iPad in a stand or something. 

Long story short, I love this device and absolutely will continue to use it daily. I recently downloaded Adobe Creative Cloud on it and I am in love. I still love my iMac, just cause it’s 27” and 5k display, but this iPad Pro is just too convenient.