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Baby, you can drive my car

James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segment is hysterical and informative. It’s an interview in a car where James drives around while listening and singing to music. He has a good variety of artists that have already been casted on the segment, and I was so happy to hear that Paul McCartney would be next! They filmed in Liverpool which is even cooler and Paul gave us an inside look at his childhood home, a pub he used to play in (where he actually does his own little mini concert!) and other notable places of Liverpool. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be in the pub that The Beatles used to play in, and to see Paul just start performing with his band.

I would say it’s a more personal and almost connected iteration of the series. At one point, James actually starts to tear up realizing he is singing Let It Be with a Beatle. It’s very emotional and really just a sweet moment that the two got to share on camera.

I need to go to Liverpool some day just because it’s such a legendary place in Beatles history.

James also dresses up in the iconic different Beatles looks...including the mop top look, the Sgt. Pepper era, and the hippie look.

During the Drive My Car song, they actually switch drivers and Paul drives for a bit. The personality and combination of them together is awesome. 

During Penny Lane, Paul gets out of the car and autographs the Penny Lane sign.  They also go into the barbershop that’s mentioned in the song. They have a picture of John and Paul on the wall, and they take a new photo of Paul and the stylist. It’s really sweet to see. Everyone is so star struck, rightfully so.


The inside look at Liverpool and visual background of these classic songs is incredibly powerful. Thank you James Corden for doing this one!