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9-1-1 is for emergencies, not your insecurities

Sunday night I caught a little bit of the BET Awards and it reminded me why it’s the only awards show that I ever can watch and not wanna cringe throughout the entire thing. Or get bored at awful performances and awful jokes.

There is always real commentary going on at the BET Awards. It can come off as a joke, but there’s real thought behind it and it influences the Internet and viewers in particular. 

Last night there was a bit about a “PSA to white stop calling the police for no reason.” The cops are not customer service. Don’t call the police for your insecurities. They’re there for your security. 

It was funny but raised valid points. 

”It’s been a recent trend that white people just been calling the police on black people for no apparent reason,” Mitchell said, adding that they wanted to throw out some alternatives. “If you see a black family barbecuing in the park, instead of calling the cops, practice your dab or something,” Latimore offered. “Play some Coldplay or practice the guitar.”