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The answer to your internal tech debates

I have so many posts about YouTubers and YouTube videos that I love, and here’s another. Sean Evans (the host of First We Feast’s segment Hot Ones) interviewed another of my favorite YouTubers recently. He’s a tech reviewer named Marques Brownlee.

I think most people who are super into tech on YouTube know him...he might be more known as his YouTube handle, MKBHD. He’s at over 5,000,000 subscribers and makes extremely in-depth content. His production and just quality overall is second to none. He’s super smart and can talk about anything with ease.

Anyways, he started his YouTube career in 2008. He came up with the name MKBHD because ‘MKB’ is his initials and he threw the ‘HD’ on the end to reference his tech focus and passion.

He uploaded his 1,000th video on March of this year and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. He recently won a Shorty award as the Creator of the Decade. Year’s before, he has been a nominee, but he finally got his Shorty award. Pretty cool to see. 

”Should you use an iPhone or a Galaxy? Is it worth it to buy the $3,000 drone, or is the $300 one basically the same thing? How does portrait mode actually work? Thanks to Marques Brownlee, these internal debates can finally be laid to rest. For the past nine years, he’s posted helpful, easy-to-understand videos to his MKBHD YouTube channel, beginning with simple tutorial videos and comparisons of software updates with older versions. Today, his 5.6M+ subscribers flock to his channel any time a product is released to find out about its new features and to see if it’s worth their money. With his thoughtful insights, Marques is now one of the most trusted names for millennial seeking technology advice. In a world dominated by devices, his guidances is priceless.” 

Check out the extremely entertaining video above.