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Jersey Shore just ended

At first, and even now to some, the MTV reality show, Jersey Shore, seemed like an absolute joke. But somehow it just ended a season this year. It was a “family reunion” season where the cast goes to Miami and regroups and catches up. Things don’t change too much besides the fact that they have grown up and Mike is sober, but even the moms turn up and Ronnie is back to his normal shenanigans and emotional distress over his relationships. Basically, my point is that it’s a great reality show. Truly.

But it offended people at first. Maybe now still, too. But they stigmatized the Jersey Shore itself and turned it into a really trashy place and trashy scene which didn’t carry over well to residents of the shore. I know they’re even banned from certain places on the shore because they do not want them filming in there and getting bad publicity. 

I really have to say though it’s a great show and even though the cast is crazy, they do have hearts and for the most part seem to come off as “normal” people. 

They understand and value the meaning of the word “family.” They aren’t blood but they have each other’s backs in any situation. That’s respectable. Not anyone would be able to feel that way after living with random people. 

And even past all the drama, the cast still comes back together. They even regrouped with Angela (the “UM HELLO” girl) and got along with her, though tense at first. 

I’m bummed the show is over but looking forward to more!