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Is the $100 stylus worth it?


So, I just got my iPad Pro and all the accessories I ordered last week. I am just waiting on the Apple keyboard. Other than that, it’s awesome. I love how massive the screen is. It really feels like I’m looking at a laptop instead of an iPad.

The integration of the Apple Pencil is beyond incredible, too. It’s hard to explain without having held or used the pencil yourself, but take every preconceived notion you have about a stylus and remove it from your brain. It’s really more of a pen and extension of your hand than anything I’ve used. Even better than the Wacom pens for drawing tablets. The pencil has a really nice weight to it. It’s really satisfying to use. It sounds weird, but those are my thoughts after a few hours of using it.

I’m most excited to see how the keyboard feels while connected to this iPad. Right now I have the iPad Pro on my tablet stand (that I used for my 9.7” iPad) and it works just fine with my backlit Bluetooth keyboard. I actually don’t mind this set up at all. I know the iPad won’t fall over and I can move the wireless keyboard around as far back as comfortable for me to type. I also just love that it’s backlit. It’s a great Arteck keyboard that I picked up on Amazon for under $20. Nothing fancy, but the backlit feature was the main appeal to me. It also has a very small footprint so it would be great for travel. It’s smaller than the standard wireless keyboard that comes with an iMac, which is already quite small.

The other accessory I picked up for the new iPad Pro is the leather sleeve. I love the look and feel of it and know the screen will be protected in there. I also love that it holds the pencil, too. It also makes for a great surface to draw on top of, if your device is not in a case protecting the beautiful back of it.

So far I’m loving this purchase, and can’t wait to see how it impacts my daily workflow.