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Kids see ghosts sometimes


I’ve always been a fan of Kid Cudi and Kanye West’s music collaborations. And yesterday, they released their latest project...from which they now call themselves Kids See Ghosts. It is a short 7-song digital album, but you can also purchase it on vinyl if you feel so inclined. 

I’ve listened to the project full one time through and am initially very impressed. I expected that, too. Cudi on hooks makes most songs memorable. And when Ye is on there, too, spitting some fire verse, it is going to be a great song for years. 

In my opinion, this album is the two at their best. They bring out the best in each other, truly. Most all of their verses are personal or timely

I wonder if they will release more under that same name or if it is just a one album thing. Either way, I am extremely happy the collab happened. I also cannot believe it was actually released on the day it was originally supposed to. Usually collaborative and more hyped up albums are always delayed for some reason or another.

I watched a few videos on YouTube of fans at the listening party the night prior (Thursday) and it looked incredible. I cannot even imagine being there with all those celebrities hearing the album for the first time live with them. And having Kanye and Cudi geeking out in the middle of the circle. 

Some of my favorite tracks include the opening track. It is titled: 4th Dimension. It features the duo and Luis Prima vocals.

Another standout track in my opinion is the track where Kanye is rapping about gun violence. The song is called Cudi Montage. He says:

Everybody want world peace
'Til your niece get shot in the dome-piece
Then you go and buy your own piece

Hopin' it'll help you find your own peace
Bring light to what they don't see
Auntie cryin' on the concrete
Talkin' to dispatcher then the phone beep
On the other line was the homies
Told her that you ain't comin' home, see
When she heard the news it hurt her bone-deep
Caught with the rifle with the long reach
Just another cycle of the lonely
All growin' up in environment
Where doin' crime the requirement
They send us off to prison for retirement

Hopefully Alice Johnson will inspire men

Overall I am very impressed with the album and the two working together again. They are both two of my favorite artists right now and this release did nothing but intensify that for me. I hope Kids See Ghosts continues!