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I’ve always wondered this about DVDs

One of my favorite things about buying CDs was the fact that I knew I could always listen to whatever I wanted to at whatever time. I didn’t have to depend on Internet connection for streaming or purchasing the song off iTunes...the song was ripped to my computer, then imported to my iPod or MP3 player, and that was a cool thing. 

Of course, you could still do that if you wanted to. I am a fan of Spotify, and have been for a few years now, so I don’t see myself going back at all (my phone has 0 music files on it besides the ones downloaded from Spotify playlists).

So, thinking back to CDs...outdated technology but we still have that option if we don’t want to rely on streaming. What about DVDs? I have so many DVDs that I would love to be able to rip to my iMac and throw on my iPad so I don’t have to use an Internet connection to watch Netflix or Hulu. Why can’t we do that? In theory it’s the same concept as transferring music from a CD to a device. 

I’m sure there’s some sort of workaround, and maybe I will look into it, but it should be readily available in my opinion. 

I am saying this because I’ve been using Netflix on my iPad a lot lately and have started downloading content to my iPad for offline viewing and recently got cut off because I had too many downloaded. LAME! Also, some downloads expire on Netflix but with a click they are “renewed?” Weird. 

So in short, I would love to add my DVD collection onto my iPad. My Internet connection is trash.