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Best mixtape batting average

The above Open Late with Peter Rosenberg interview with Chance the Rapper is incredible. Here we learn that Chance does have a 7-track project with Ye, he is still super close with Gambino, and has tons of new music just sitting...waiting to be released. He's figuring out how to release it but isn't really considering major labels at all right now, which is cool. He jokingly, but honestly, says that he has the best mixtape batting average, which is...absolutely true.

He also gets into a good conversation that turns into a metaphor about loving America and playing the card game, Uno. He basically says, yes he loves to play Uno, when he's winning. Not when he's getting hit with the draw 4 cards, and skips, etc. He likes Uno when he's NOT playing by the rules. Or he loves living in America when things are going well.

He goes on to talk about the Pusha T beef and how he couldn't write a good diss record because he's too real and too nice. He just wants to make good music, that's it.

Chance says that Lil Wayne is his favorite artist. He also says that Off The Wall is more cinematic and better overall than Thriller in Michael Jackson's catalog. At an Eminem concert, the song White America scared Chance, though he loves the song. I don't blame him. I probably wouldn't want to see that live either.

This interview gives great insight into Chance's head and personality. I can't wait to hear his new tracks. Especially the Kanye and Chance collab. There's no way it will disappoint.