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Books not bullets

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Today another solid tweet showed up on my timeline. This time it’s from Everytown, my favorite non-profit, quoting an NRA activist on NRA TV. The quote from the NRA reads: “Using federal tax dollars to buy guns for teachers is more in line, and more in the boundaries of what the federal money should be used for than even textbooks or after-school programs.” 

Everytown tweeted their response while quoting the original NRA quote by saying, “This isn’t The Onion. This is the NRA. #BooksNotBullets”

The responses started off with, “Of course they would be happy to create more mass killers by not providing what teachers actually need, which prevents the teachers from meeting students’ needs, educational and otherwise.”  

And it truly sounds like The Onion. How sad is that? Someone truly thinks that makes more sense. 

Another person on Twitter went on to say, “I get the impression that these people are either from another planet or are made in a lab somewhere. This is not human talk. This is not even crazy. It just does not fit into reality. Guns are more important than BOOKS? In what world?” 

Someone else chimed in with more insight into the NRA, “The NRA used to be an organization that prioritized safety and firearm education. They sponsored events that taught safety and proper care and use of a firearm. They helped write laws that protected people from people that should not have access. Now it is a terrorist organization.” 

It blows my mind to think about that original NRA TV comment. Especially with teachers in my family and good friends who are teachers. For someone to hold that view is insane to me.