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Being a #VerifiedFan and not getting tickets

So last week, some of Paul McCartney's first waves of presale tickets were available to fans looking to see him in concert, in either Canada or UK. Before the tickets officially went on presale, there were statements announced about a new process that would take place to make it "more fair" to get tickets, and to deter scalpers from buying tickets strictly for resale.

In theory it sounds great. But, backlash from fans was quick to join the Internet.

First off, you had to "register" to even be considered as an applicant to get tickets. If they did choose you to buy tickets (who knows on what basis), then you would receive a code to get into the presale. And in theory, then you could buy your tickets, right? Wrong.

It used to be if you had an AMEX card you would be able to get presale tickets. And in my experience, there's never been an issue with securing VIP tickets. This time was a different story, and it seems all of my Beatle friends had the same or very similar experience. A lot of long time fans (and fans that travel to as many shows as they can) couldn't get tickets. They were waitlisted the entire time presale happened, and when they finally got through, everything was sold out.

I was lucky to secure something after over an hour of waiting, but it wasn't my first choice, even for VIP packages. I am still beyond excited, but the system is really awful.