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Amazon is human

Yesterday and today is the widely acclaimed Amazon Prime Day. But, unfortunately, yesterday Amazon’s site was down for a majority of the day leaving customers unhappy as they couldn’t get their deals or even view what was being offered, instead they were greeted by cute puppies on Amazon’s error page.

It blew my mind in a sense because Amazon is essentially the master of e-commerce. Think about it. This website created their own Black Friday. That everyone knows about. People that don’t use Amazon know about it, too. But to think that their site would crash? I didn’t see it coming even with all the traffic.

Luckily, today, there seems to be no issue, but the sale is nearing its end. 

It shows that Amazon, though a master on the e-commerce platform, is still inevitably human.

But what about the deals? I personally haven’t seen anything too great. There are some things that you can save like 48% on, but the items aren’t things I need really in any sense. Could I use them? Sure. But I don’t need them and I won’t be buying them.